Range Diagram
  Chassis Ratings:
Front axle weight 10,000lbs
Rear axle weight 19,000lbs
Approx GVW 26,000lbs
  Truck-Mounted Line Pumps Specifications: VS 70 PTO
Max volume output 74 yd³/hr 57m³/hr
Max concrete pressure 1130 psi 78 bar
Max aggregate size 1.5″ 38mm
Horiz pumping distance* 600 ft 182m
Vertical pumping distance* 400 ft 122m
Technical Information
Concrete cylinders 7″ x 39″ 180x1000mm
Max strokes per minute 42
Main hydraulic pump Rexroth
Variable volume control 0 to full
S-Valve (cast) 7″ x 5″ 180x125mm
Hopper capacity 9.5 cu ft 270L
Outlet diameter 5″ HD 125mm
PTO Version
Drive description PTO-Driven from truck engine through G61 distribution gearbox
Hydraulic tank capacity 54 US gal 204L

+Maximum theoretical values listed. *Pumping distances shown are to be used as a guide only and can be exceeded on specific projects. Maximum attainable distances depend on concrete mix design, pipeline diameter and specific job site conditions.
Note: Maximum output and pressure cannot be achieved simultaneously. Specifications subject to change without prior notice.