Stone, gravel, sand, mulch or top soil…..all picked up, delivered and accurately placed on your jobsite. That’s the idea behind our material spreader service. With a capacity of 21 ton , we can pick up construction material on your account, or ours, and spread it to a distance of up to 75′.

The advantages of our spreader service; including no wasted or contaminated material, and no need for additional equipment or labor on site, add up to real savings. Placement around obstructions or over sensitive areas are no longer a problem. Some of the projects that can benefit from the speed and accuracy of our Stone Spreader include the following: dscn0565

  • Basement renovations
  • Backfilling
  • Foundation construction
  • Landscape construction
  • Pipeline construction
  • Raised or sloped areas
  • Environmental projects
  • Slab construction

Give us a call at 617-296-0290 to discuss your next project.

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