Watch some of our machines at work:

L.Guerini Inc. is New England’s exclusive source for concrete pumps, Telebelt Mobile Conveyors and stone spreading/slinging equipment. L. Guerini specializes in constuction material placement jobs and can save you thousands by finishing your projects in less time, and under budget.

The vesatile BSF20Z concrete boom pump from L. Guerini Group Inc. features a compact outrigger spread of only 11’2″ and a flexible boom that features an impressive 12’10” unfolding height.

This 5 minute informative video from L. Guerini Group Inc. explains the set up, operation, and many uses of the versatile Putzmeister Telebelt Mobile Material Conveyor.

This short video highlights the efficient placement of drainage stone during the construction of a residential foundation.

Stone Slinger from L. Guerini, conveying 3/4 stone into building for pool base. With no other access and piping in place, this method proved invaluable to the contractor.

The Stone Slinger stockpiles all of the 3/4 stone requied for this parking garage in one day.

L. Guerini’s Telebelt 110 conveying concrete for large warehouse floor in Everett, MA.

Stone Slinger from L. Guerini Group Inc. places 10 ton of 3/4 stone directly into basement through window in South Boston, MA.

Stone Slinger from L. Guerini Inc., delivers and spreads 70 cubic yards of top soil loam in 3 hours for landscape contractor in Milton, MA.