Range Diagram
Outrigger Spread
One-sided Support (OSS)
Boom Specifications:5-Section, Z Fold Design
Height & Reach
Vertical reach 136’6″ 41.60m
Horizontal reach 122.5″ 37.30m
Reach from front of truck* 113.2″ 34.50m
Reach depth 101’8″ 31.00m
Unfolding height 28’3″ 8.60m
Boom Section Length
1st section length 24’11” 7.60m
2nd section length 21’0″ 6.40m
3rd section length 23.7″ 7.20m
4th section length 26’7″ 8.10m
 5th section length  27’2′  8.30m
Outrigger spread L-R-front telescopic diagonal 24’7″ 7.50m
Outrigger spread L-R-rear swing-out 25’11” 7.90m

* Based on Model MACK MR 688S

Truck-Mounted Specifications
Based on Model MACK MR 688S with .16H pump cell
Length 37’5″ 11.41m
Width 8’2″ 2.50m
Height 12’8″ 3.87m
Wheelbase 250″ 6,350mm
Front axle weight 29,991 lbs
Rear axle weight 36,274 lbs
Approx total weight 66,265 lbs

Weights are approximate and include pump, boom, truck, full hydraulic oil, driver and some fuel.
Varies with options selected.
Dimensions will vary with different truck makes, models and specifications.